4 BEST RESTAURANTS vegetarian & vegan in Prague

4 BEST RESTAURANTS vegetarian & vegan in Prague

4 BEST RESTAURANTS vegetarian & vegan in Prague
October 13
15:13 2017

1 Dhaba Beas


This is a chain with nine restaurants in Prague. The motto of the owners is to offer food prepared in a way that is highly considerate of the surrounding environment while being tasty, nutritious, and affordable for the general public. Great places, lovely food, and a lot of choices – no GMO products. Very nice atmosphere and wonderful people dedicated to providing healthy food with an extensive palette of specialities that you can choose yourself in a self-service system.


2 Loving Hut


The international brand Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant & Café has five restaurants in Prague, the first of which was opened in Londynska Street in Prague in 2007. The best two are in the Novy Smichov shopping centre at Andel (Prague 5) and Na Porici Street (Prague 1). You can find salads, sushi, soups, veggie broths, and also Czech specialities. Some of the restaurants are connected to vegan shops.



3 Pankracky Rynek


Located in Prague 4 near the Arkady Pankrac shopping centre, this lovely place is dedicated to healthy food, and its staff have created the concept of a Fitness menu containing tasty raw and vegan specialities. The restaurant is connected to a nutritional specialist that can advise you on the best food to eat for energy development. The food is free of refined sugars and gluten as well. For the long-term, you can get your own diet programme, devised by a nutritional specialist based on a physical examination.


4 Maitrea


This restaurant is located not far from the Old Town Square in the city centre, behind the Tyn Church in a building that is dedicated to spiritual development. Maitrea offers you a lot of healthy specialities like spinach pancakes, vegan cream soups, small and large salads, some Thai specialities, burritos, quesadillas, Czech specialities with vegan “meat”, and raw food.

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