Andaz Vienna am Belvedere combines luxury and comfort

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere combines luxury and comfort

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere combines luxury and comfort
March 31
10:30 2023

By Zuzana Adamson

An upscale lifestyle hotel, opened in April 2019, was conceived under the aspect “the new home of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 21st century.” It is a concept by Hyatt, and designed by the famous architect, Renzo Piano.

The hotel is so lovely and “comfy” that if you are a creative mind and artistic spirit, you may forget Vienna – the city itself, and stay just enjoying the hotel and everything that it has to offer.



Maybe this approach will be the future of the “classical hotel industry” which includes great services and helpful, smiling people working and trying to do everything for the comfort and happiness of their guests. A value that – in “Covid times” and the onslaught of technologies, in times when hotels are being converted into short stay apartments, providing you only digital access codes without a humain touch – has become less attractive to hotel investors.

But not in the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere, where while waiting in the lobby decorated with style for your guestroom to be arranged, a nice person with a distinctive smile prepares a really tasty Vienna coffee for you. Meanwhile, you can browse beautiful paintings in one of the variety of books focused on art and lifestyle.

In close proximity to Belvedere Palace, the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere showcases contemporary local art and design that immerse you in the history of Prince Eugene as well as the city of Vienna.

The luxury hotel offers 303 urban rooms including 44 suites with imaginative interior designs, furnishings, artwork, and amenities, inviting guests to feel at home which I very much did.



To evaluate the quality of a hotel, for B2B professionals in the meetings industry, luxury travel and business travel, there are two important criteria: the first one is to sleep well – it means for hotel owners to provide quality beds and mattresses, and second is to serve breakfast from very good to fantastic. In the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere, you will find both criteria met.



For meetings, conferences and special events, the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere offers 2,200 sqm of space which includes a modern conference venue and ballroom: the Lower Belvedere, then flexible event spaces: the Upper Belvedere, and creative studios for meetings and workshops.


Lower Belvedere

Upper Belvedere


This year, 2023, the company organising the conference “HOTCO”, focused on hotel investment, putting together about 300 professionals from the sector, chose the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere, and the event was very successful and productive.

Apart from large conferences, you can also enjoy smaller and intimate board meetings, in the Penthouse Suite. It offers a particularly prestigious and luxury location of 194 sqm on the 15th floor of the hotel. A meeting table with views over the city is suitable for 12 persons.

From the top of the building, you can enjoy a unique view of Vienna, with a delicious glass of wine, savoring it on the terrace of the Aurora Rooftop Bar.

The Andaz Vienna am Belvedere would be a good choice for those who search for comfortable luxury, art and design, a place that you can feel at home, also providing convenient access to the historic center of Vienna with its eternal beauties.



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