Choose Grandhotel PUPP – a classy icon of the Karlovy Vary Region

Choose Grandhotel PUPP – a classy icon of the Karlovy Vary Region

Choose Grandhotel PUPP – a classy icon of the Karlovy Vary Region
December 20
13:07 2017

By Zuzana Adamson

The city of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic will charm you with its harmonic Art-Nouveau style buildings alongside the River Teplá that runs through this picturesque valley. Inside the colonnades are springs named after famous Czech Kings such as Charles IV or Prince Vaclav (Wenceslas) or famous Czech mythological characters like Princess Libuše or Rusalka, from which flow warm mineral water full of healing sources. Keep walking, and just before the river turns, you will see before you the incredible, terrific building of the Grandhotel PUPP.




I arrived at this iconic hotel just as interminable falling flakes of snow began to cover the whole city. The period just before Christmas and the winter here in Karlovy Vary is stunning and is an excellent location for your romantic stay, MICE event, wedding, or family meeting. To get here from Prague takes only one to two hours by car and the Grandhotel PUPP offers you and your groups a luxurious place for relaxation, organised seminars, meetings or conferences.



The Grandhotel PUPP exudes elegance and offers 5-star and 4-star accommodation. The hotel has four floors and 228 rooms in total, which includes a Presidential Apartment and an Imperial Apartment.



I had a lovely Superior Plus room, located on the fourth floor, with a small balcony. It offers an incredible view over the city and a panorama of the surrounding hills, which are superb for walking and breathing in fresh air filled with healing substances.


The spacious Superior Plus encompasses a living area in an Art-Nouveau Style, decorated with historical pictures of the hotel on the walls. Furniture, lamps and small lamps are designed in the same style; there is a luxurious bathroom in marble with both a bath and a separate shower. There is also a different space containing a canopy bed with decorative fabrics that are in keeping with the rest of the room.


Crystal chandeliers, stylish porcelain tableware, bronze sculptures and architectonic details from the beginning of 20th century when spa culture was going through a great boom, represent beautiful surroundings not only for romantic, spa, and wellness stays but also for incentive groups, social and representative events, conferences, and VIP events. For MICE events, the Grandhotel PUPP has 11 meeting rooms which can cover 1,900 square metres. The Representative Hall can hold about 700 people and is an ideal place for weddings and gala dinners.


In the PUPP Royal Spa, you can enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, and steam room as well as many different spa procedures including massages. The hotel now offers a NEW “Franziska” procedure which is a unique relaxational bath with various medicinal plants. It has antibacterial effects and helps you to de-stress, clean your skin, reinforce your immune system, and improve blood flow. And where does the name come from? Franziska was a wife of the Grandhotel PUPP’s first owner – the family can trace its history back for more than 300 years. This energetic and skilled business lady also extracted her famed vitality from a bath with a unique blend of medicinal herbs based on a secret recipe – precisely the same as the one that you can TRY now!


I tried the procedure that lasts about half an hour and if you want to ask me how it was, just call me. However, it may be hard to reach me, as I am now very energetic and full of life! On the other hand, some people will sleep and sleep, and nothing will wake them up, not even this bath.


The Grandhotel PUPP has two receptions, a grand lobby, two restaurants and three bars. The peaceful environment of the Mirror Hall is an excellent place for your breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.


The famous Cafe Pupp – part of the hotel – is a favourite place for meetings, business meetings, and more. The Becher’s Bar, where you can sample a typical Czech alcoholic drink called Becherovka, deserves a visit. Every evening, beautiful music helps to create a lively atmosphere of celebration, luxury and pleasure.



Simply put, if you are looking for a terrific venue and a place not only for relaxing, enjoying spa and wellness procedures or for a romantic stay but also for your conference, larger congress or an incentive group, the Grandhotel PUPP can fulfil your dreams and meet your demands for quality and luxury. It is an excellent place for “grand” style MICE events with an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

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