Chinese city Xian: let’s take a step on the Silk Road

Chinese city Xian: let’s take a step on the Silk Road

Chinese city Xian: let’s take a step on the Silk Road
June 05
14:16 2024

By Zuzana Adamson

The ITB China 2024 was a successful event. In comparison with its edition in 2023, this year’s event saw a 60 pourcent growth. It is very good news because in years 2020, 2021and 2022 the trade fair was cancelled.

This year, professionals from travel and tourism, but also MICE, corporate and business travel from all around the world had thousands of business meetings, and they were very happy that their businesses have started to recover.

ITB China 2024 was also connected to 2 POST TOURS, organized by the governmental representatives of the destinations. Some delegates – buyers and representatives of international media – could choose from the city of Chengdu, home to the famous panda, or Xian, together with the province Shaanxi with its interesting terra cotta army.

The city of Xian, that is the capital of the province Shaanxi has about 13, 000,000 inhabitants which is similar to the total population of CzechoSlovakia. This small Chinese province has appx. 38 million inhabitants. Probably the most interesting fact is that Xian is the first city on the Silk Road, the starting point.

From Shanghai to Xian, it takes a little bit more than 2 hours by plaine. The five star Hotel Renaissance is a great place for MICE events, for incentive trips, international conferences and congresses.


A part of the structures for MICE meetings and events, it offers a wellness centre, a lovely swimming pool with a terrace, a lot of corners for relaxation and restaurants. The top floor with a view over the city disposes of a Lounge for smaller meetings and corporate events, with a bar and all necessary technical support for meetings.



In the beautiful Ballroom, there were organized an evening conference, presentations and meetings with representatives of Shaanxi, connected with a sophisticated dinner, discussions, and musical performances.




The natural landscape and the famous terra cotta army settled inside of it, could be found about one hour drive from the city center of Xian. It is the oldest Chinese museum of the army, a mausoleum of emperor Qinshihuang, who was the first emperor in Chinese history who successfully created a centralized state. He lived between 259 and 210 B.C.



The museum contains more than 8,000 warriors and horses made from terra cotta, and it is recognized on the World Cultural Heritage List.



Not far from the place of the terra cotta army, you can visit Huaqing Palace that was a holiday resort for emperors and their dynasties. It is nice to spend some time outside of the busy city, in the middle of this fresh and peaceful Chinese nature.



The city of Xian is a clean, nice capital, home to many nice people, expanding a vibrant atmosphere. At the evening, to take a walk in the center, under the light of Chinese lanterns, and to listen to the singing water could be another pleasant experience.


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