Important MICE Congresses are heading to CEE countries

Important MICE Congresses are heading to CEE countries

Important MICE Congresses are heading to CEE countries
October 31
00:00 2009

By Zuzana Adamson

The European “MICE EUROPE Congress”, oriented toward TOP executive managers within the MICE field, which previously took place in Monaco, has been held for the seventh time. This year the event organizers NASEBA picked a new location – Dubrovnik in Croatia – and the event was a wonderful success.

The Valamar Lacroma Resort, a newly opened four-star resort offering high quality congress and conference facilities, hosted the event. Valamar is the largest hotel chain on the Adriatic Coast, and their newly opened resort boasts remerkable architecture that will satisfy the high demands of MICE organizers.

The city of Dubrovnik at the moment resembles a small Monaco on the Adriatic Coast. It is without a doubt the most luxurious spot in Croatia, which also applies to its prices. Nonetheless, it is very friendly, pleasant and unpretentious, with amiable and dynamic residents making it sought after oasis. Somehow Dubrovnik is still unspoiled by commerciality and the superficiality of consumerism.

The MICE EUROPE Congress took place between 27th and 29th October 2009; on 30th of October the Association World Day was added to the event. Among the invited guests were representatives from the leading associations for international meetings industry, and event organizers within professional associations from various fields.

The schedule of the first two days offered a mixture of lectures and contributions, as well as time allotments for pre-planned twenty-minute business meetings. Each MICE buyer – top executives from leading international companies such as NEC Computers, Ikea, NIKE, Schneider Electric, Astra Zeneca, Abbot and so on, had 12 mandatory meetings with 34 selected suppliers. The buyers organize (through their departments) more than 400 international events in EMEA every year, and therefore the business negotiations are lead with long-term outlooks. Thus the contribution of the congress lies in the fact that one-shot events were not stipulated, such as a single congress, training workshop or sales event. Negotiations were held with the idea of a more long-term cooperation.

Several contributions by Heads of Events and Marketing Departments, such as NEC Comupers’ Annick Reyngoudt or NIKE’s Annemarien Dijkuis, accurately and clearly demonstrated how to organize events, from the point of vue of the Head of Market. Dept. of a large corporation where many organising levels are involved. This alloved suppliers to get a glimpse into these procedures, enabling them to prepare their offers and, foremostly, communicate more successfully. Sometimes the suppliers from hotels, conference venues, or DMC agencies do not know these procedures, which inhibits their chances to get deals. The right approach and communication between the suppliers and the corporations is crucial during negotiations.

Overall, 150 TOP personalities wre present at the congress. The accompanying programme also included a gala dinner organized by the Valamar Lacroma Resort, in cooperation with the city of Dubrovnik. The ceremonial dinner was served on the ramparts of the old town in a fortress that was transformed into an amazing gala dinner venue. There was also live music by one of the best male folklore ensembles in Croatia, and a dance performance captivated guests. Dubrovnik truly ingratiated MICE organizers.

Representatives of the Croatian DMC company Rina Travel spoke about the MICE situation in Croatia. They introduced venues and hotels as well as reasons to choose Croatia for the purposes of MICE.

MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE was the main Industry Media Partner of the MICE EUROPE Congress. All participants were given two copies of our magazines and those interested, were registered as professional readers in order to regularly receive our magazines which we offered free of charge for the event participants. It was a very conductive event and we will come back next year.

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