ITE Hong Kong cancel and the next edition in June 2021

ITE Hong Kong cancel and the next edition in June 2021

ITE Hong Kong cancel and the next edition in June 2021
July 20
13:22 2020

In view of the recent spike of Covid-19 cases in the city and the tightening of social distancing by the government which severely restrict number of participants to public event, regretfully, ITE Hong Kong in August 2020, which incorporates the 34th ITE (Leisure) and the
15th ITE MICE, will be canceled!

Accordingly, its next edition is ITE Hong Kong 2021 which will be held from June 17 to 20 next year at Halls 1 of HKCEC. It comprises of the 35th ITE (Leisure) and the 16th ITE MICE. Please note this
announcement supersedes those issued earlier this week.

Hopefully, the longer time span between now and next June give more time for recovery and preparation!

In past days, TKS the organizer of ITE been in discussion with the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) on possibility of further postponing ITE to later this year, and unfortunately, no suitable date nor venue can be found. Last March, ITE had its first postponement from June to August!

WHO been calling to save both lives and livelihood! Our research and survey found strong pent-up and longer term demand for post-outbreak travel, while both trade and travelers need timely information on safer and more hygienic travel products with flexibility. These prompt TKS to try holding ITE in this year despite the great difficulty and risk!

TKS also been striving to balance between safety and recovery, but safety always come first! It comes so close to opening ITE in August, understandably, we ourselves are disappointed by the cancellation! Anyway, our warm regards to exhibitors, trade and public visitors!

In early July, we were expecting well over 100 stands and despite travel restrictions still in force local exhibitors outnumber by those from outside and abroad, who been engaging their local office / agent help manning booth just in case.

In past months, thousands of trade visitors pre-registered online to attend ITE this year, and thousands of public visitors replied our surveys on post-outbreak travel! Our thanks to all who
been supporting ITE in one way or another!

TKS is considering to arrange online marketing platform between now and next June to facilitate sellers and buyers maintaining contacts, while details of next ITE be announced in due course.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R.
China, ITE Hong Kong is organized by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd with Hong
Kong Tourism Board, Macao Government Tourism Office and the Travel Industry
Council of Hong Kong etc as Supporters. For detail and enquiry, please visit www.itehk.com or
email to travel@tkshk.com | Wechat: ite-hongkong
| Tel: +852 31550600.

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