MICE Trip to the Usti nad Labem Region

MICE Trip to the Usti nad Labem Region

MICE Trip to the Usti nad Labem Region
June 20
20:26 2016

By Zuzana Adamson


The MICE Trip number II was organized by the North-West Bohemia Convention Bureau and its director, Ms. Kubickova. The objective of this 2-Day MICE Trip was to learn about MICE facilities in the Usti and Labem Region.


On the morning of Day 1, the group of 12 event organizers from the Czech Republic and myself, representing MICE CEE media, travelled from Prague to Roudnice and Labem, which is a small picturesque city on the River Labe (in German, the Elbe). Hotel Vavrinec offers 33 rooms and a conference capacity for 160 people. In the proximity of the historic city there is a magical mount called Rip – connected to the old Czech legends about the foundation of the Czech nation.


Hrad Litomerice, the reconstructed old castle, which re-opened in 2011, is located in the historic centre of Litomerice and offers modern conference spaces for 180 people (Theatre setting) and a representative salon with a gothic chapel dating back to 14th century. A part of the venue is a permanent exposition dedicated to the Czech winery tradition. The neighbouring Dum kultury (House of Culture), modern and comfortable, can hold events for up to 660 people.


After visiting these venues, our autocar travelled in the direction of a unique landscape nicknamed the “forgotten paradise” – Ceske stredohori (Czech Central Mountains). Rolling green hills are capped by the ruins of an ancient castle here, all surrounded by rivers and forests, with plenty of touristic footpaths for walking, hiking and visits to small romantic villages dotting the landscape. Along the way can be seen intriguing rocks and stones carved like sculptures out of nature itself, which through the years have become landmarks of their own.


In the middle of this “paradise” we arrived at Trebivlice and the modern winery, Johann W. Its distance is only 1 hour from Prague and the winery offers an amphitheater for 235 people which is suitable for all kinds of events – teambuilding, conferences, theatre, weddings, parties and more. The secret of their sublime wine consists in the meticulous care taken in its creation, from vineyard to ageing barrels to bottling. While organizing your event, you can book an incentive program and tour which consists in participating in the annual harvesting of the grapes. Even if you are a sophisticated lover of quality French wines, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the local red wine produced by Johann W.


The next stop on our very busy trip was the city of Usti and Labem, the capital of the region. We had a great lunch in the Hotel Vetruse, a four-star hotel sitting at the top of a peak with a great view over the splendid landscape. The hotel offers 84 beds in 42 rooms. This hotel is used by members of the Czechia government for their various meetings, and is suitable for many different kinds of representative events. Another four-star hotel in the city, the IBS Hotel Vladimir, is a tall building which offers great conference facilities on the top floor and ground floor, together accommodating about 530 people. The hotel’s location right in the city centre plays in favor for the organization of large events. The Museum Usti and Labem also has a nice historic venue for 120 people (great for concerts, etc.)


Later in the afternoon, our group voyaged toward the border with Germany to the part of the country called the Czech-Saxon Switzerland (a National Park). The name “Switzerland” was given to this region in the 18th century by artists from Switzerland when, coming from Dresden (Germany), they discovered its gorgeous romantic landscape with high hills over the corridor of the River Labe. The Czech-Saxon Switzerland region is populated by cities such as Decin, Hrensko, Krasna Lipa and others.

The nearby four-star hotel Ostrov represents a great relaxing environment, an escape from the humdrum modern world of technology (no mobile signal) and hustle-bustle. You can have a lot of fun here as the hotel offers about 36 outdoor incentive programs and activities including driving a tractor, etc. The capacity for meetings is 100 places plus 35 places in the small saloon. We stayed overnight in large rooms (together 31 rooms with a capacity of up to 88 beds). Another thing worth your attention is the hotel’s expansive wine collection and its onsite wellness centre.

Day 2 in the morning we took a boat from Decin to Hrensko (about 1 hour). which can also be used for MICE events. You can go to Dresden by boat if time permits (4 hours).

The Hotel Zamecek offers 45 beds in 16 rooms. The first floor offers Executive rooms for demanding people and the building is a typical castle-style structure. In the city of Krasna Lipa you can find the Lipa Resort, a three-year-old four-star hotel constructed with the aid of European funds and owned by a group of coal mining industries. If offers 33 apartments. Dum Ceskeho Svycarska (financed by EU funds as well) is a regional multifunctional educational centre with a conference capacity for up to 100 people.

Sportlife Centre Rumburk is a large sports and recreational resort, with hotel, conference facilities, sports facilities, relaxation centre, restaurant, hotel rooms, and chalets. The hotel offers 235 beds, and 2 wellness centres.

The last venue we visited – Zamek Decin – is a castle belonging to the most important historic sights in the region, where you can organize your event for up to 350 people.

The MICE Trip was very interesting and we got a lot of information about the most important and varied MICE structures and activities available in this very accessible but unique region of Czechia.


1.Porta Bohemica –  about 4 km from Litomerice, it is the area where the River Labe enters the Czech Central Mountains

2. Our group with the owner of the Hotel Ostrov, Mr. Ondrej Kulic (on the right)

3. The group admire historical sights

4. The Lipa Resort

5. The Hotel Ostrov

6. and 7. IBS Hotel Vladimir

8. Trebivlice – the fabulous amphitheater that sets up to 235 people

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