October 09
09:37 2018

by Karel L.

I have walked through Prague back and forth in all directions. I wouldn’t expect anything at all could surprise me, but it was a pleasant surprise to see how much fun we had and how much new information we learned. Even though I hate to admit it, even a Prague citizen can never know everything.

A friend came to visit us for a week with his family. I took the opportunity and decided to show him Prague from a different perspective. Since segway is forbidden in Prague centre, we decided to take a 3-hour tour through Prague on electric scooters.

We met in Mostecká Street nr. 4, directly next to Charles Bridge. Our guide Ondra welcomed us in the office, offering us coffee while we waited for other participants. When we were complete, we took the scooters and Ondra explained everything outside. The training was short, there was not really much to learn. Riding an electric scooter is just like riding a bicycle. With a few useful pieces of advice regarding how to behave in Prague streets, we kicked out and enjoyed the beautiful corners of Malá Strana and the views from Petřín and Letná. Ondra was very thoughtful and patient. He always waited until we all took the pictures we wanted, and then we went on. He added his personal stories to the comments, and tips for good bars, which was mostly appreciated by the foreigners.


E-scooter tour in Prague with Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall during the e-scooter tour in Prague


Personally, I liked Malá Strana and Hradčany most. There was enough space for riding e-scooters and less people. We passed from Lennon Street towards Újezd. The first piece of information I learned was that Kampa was an artificially created island. There was a fire, which produced a huge amount of waste, which they threw to the river, until an island was formed! We passed all the three preserved mills at Kampa and visited a café where Mr. Schwarzenberg and David Černý often go. Our scooters climbed the steep Petřín hill easily and then we could admire the views of Prague from above. Ondra invited us for a beer in the Strahov Monastery. Although I am a Pilsner fan to the bone, the local special was really good. And it is not surprising, since they have been brewing beer there for over a thousand years! After visiting the Strahov Brewery, we headed for Letná past Prague Castle. This part of the ride was great, because we passed several lookout points, each of which offered views of Prague from a completely different perspective. The best one offered a view of six bridges at once, one after the other. I didn’t even know it existed, but I think there is no better way to see Prague!


View of the Prague Castle from Petrin Hill during the e-scooter tour in Prague


When we got to the other bank of the river, we went from the National Theatre past Wenceslas Square, and then all the way to the Jewish Cemetery. Old Town Square was swarming with people. So, we had to walk next to the scooters. It got a little better near the Jewish Cemetery, we continued riding at full speed. Ondra told us the story of Golem, and he also showed us the clock with hands moving counter-clockwise. We passed Rudolfinum and then we returned to Charles Bridge. The right bank of the Vltava River was ok for riding, too. There were more people there, but it was obvious that Ondra was not there for the first time. He knew the Prague city traffic very well and selected suitable streets so that nobody would endanger us.

Three hours later, we were back from the tour and didn’t even feel like returning the scooters. Oh well, all the good things come to an end one day. It was a great experience and I strongly recommend it to everyone!



Note: The main picture: View of Prague Bridges during the Electric Scooter Tour






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