The Vysocina Region in Winter – a Great Place for your meetings and events

The Vysocina Region in Winter – a Great Place for your meetings and events

The Vysocina Region in Winter – a Great Place for your meetings and events
November 29
20:29 2015

The picturesque landscape of the Vysocina Region is wonderful in every season, but in winter it reaches a charm and beauty that is even more special and unique. There is a reason why it is called a “Paradise for ski-running lovers” for all those who enjoy admiring the beauty of its glimmering hills and forests. If we add an easy access, the quality of technical equipment and support available, and culture and historical richness, we have a perfect destination for your MICE activities.

An enjoyable and fun escape from the cold, Vysocina offers the spaces for business meetings and events in a multitude of various resorts with a long-time history and tradition, as well as newly built, modern hotel establishments. You can savor the winter atmosphere for example in the surroundings of Zdar nad Sazavou, in the middle of the virgin nature landscape in the Protected Area of Zdarske Vrchy, which is located in the heart of the Czech Republic. This area is famous for its UNESCO site (Church of Jan Nepomucky) but also for a palette of hotels suitable for small and middle size events. Not far you can find the largest fun centre in the Czech Republic – Sikland, a.s. (www.sikland.cz/en) that is ideal for teambuilding activities as well as for meetings with larger number of people. The Vysocina Arena is also a very interesting venue that is worth your attention; as a place of important sports events it hosted, for example, the World Biathlon Championship, Ski Run and MTB. This year the Vysocina Arena won the coveted prize for the Best organiser of the World Championship in Biathlon. The accommodation with quality meeting spaces you will find in the Hotel Ski, located right next to the Vysocina Arena (www.hotelski.cz).

By its welcoming and warm atmosphere, the local chateau-hotels invite you for visits or creation of meetings or other various MICE events. The Chateau Heralec (www.chateauheralec.travel) was awarded as one of the TOP 10 Chateau Hotels of the World. The Hotel Chateau Valec (www.hotel-valec.cz/en) was the Building of the Year of the Vysocina Region, the Letohradek St. Vojtech (www.svatyvojtech.cz/en) will surprise you by its authentic atmosphere of the historic period of the 1st Republic (the years 20s-30s of the 20th century). Among other interesting chateau-hotels we should mention the Chateau Hostacov (www.zamekhostacov.com), the Chateau Hotel Trest (www.zamek-trest.cz), the Chateau Vilemov (http://www.vilemovcastle.cz/history.html) and the Chateau Rozsochatec (www.zamekrozsochatec.cz/en).

You will find the list of all establishments and venues that are suitable for your MICE events, conferences and meetings, and also more information about the Vysocina Region, on our website www.vysocinaconvention.cz. Visit this portal and be inspired by the complete offer, from which the above few examples are only a small part of what awaits you in our region!

We will be happy, if while planning your MICE event, you avail yourself of our services – the services of the Vysocina Convention Bureau, a member of the Czech Convention Bureau. We also offer free and independent information, organisational help and advice for the smooth proceedings of your MICE events. But stop reading about it, just come to experience it!




  1. Svetla nad Sazavou
  2. Hotel Jehla
  3. Chateau Herálec
  4. Hotel Chateau Valec

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