VACLAV HAVEL AIRPORT in PRAGUE saw a 17.5 % increase

VACLAV HAVEL AIRPORT in PRAGUE saw a 17.5 % increase

VACLAV HAVEL AIRPORT in PRAGUE saw a 17.5 % increase
February 06
11:38 2018

In 2017, Prague’s Václav Havel Airport saw a 17.5% increase in passenger numbers. In total there were a record-breaking 15.415 million passengers. The most successful month was July, when 1.7 million passengers flew. This incredible growth was made possible by opening new airlines, adding new flights and increasing the capacities of existing connections. On average, there were 42,233 daily passengers. In comparison with the past five years, this number represents incredible growth.


“This growth of number of passengers of the Václav Havel Airport in Prague is great and overtops the European average. In comparison with results of other European countries, that we have, as of now, at our disposition (January-November 2017), the Václav Havel Airport in Prague reached an increase of 18.4% in number of passengers, while the EU was 8.7%,” said Václav Řehoř, the airport’s chairperson.


In 2017, 16 new destinations were opened, and more flight connections with London were added. Altogether, 69 airlines operated flights to 163 destinations. The most popular destinations for passengers were European cities, followed by destinations in Africa, which saw growth of more than 66% in comparison with 2016 due to the increasing trend of Czech people taking holidays in northern African countries.


The most popular connection was the one between Prague and the UK where 15 destinations saw passenger numbers increase by almost 7%. Italy, in second place, saw growth of just under 30% with Germany in third with more than 8% growth.


TOP 5 COUNTRIES (from Prague)  


Rank Country      Passenger numbers       Percentage change

  • UK     1,823,812                     +6.6
  • Italy     1,354,101                     +29.6
  • Germany   1,252,895                     +8.1
  • Russia 1,199,932                    +24.6
  • France  1,044,994                    +9.0


TOP 5 CITIES (from Prague)


Rank City       Passenger numbers       Percentage change (2016-17)


  • London 1,247,330            -0.7
  • Paris   846,977               +6.6
  • Moscow    824,227               +22.9
  • Amsterdam 658,694          +9.5
  • Frankfurt          521,014               +1.0

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