IT&CM China 2008

IT&CM China 2008

IT&CM China 2008
April 09
00:00 2008

By Zuzana Adamson

Shanghai is a modern Chinese city that is currently experiencing rapid growth and is a much sought after, fashionable hotspot. the only Chinese trade fair specifically aimed at the MICE travel industry takes place here. It is a relatively new event; but even though this year was only its second, the fair attracted 211 exhibitors extending over an area of 6,200 square metres and more than 2,000 delegates from the MICE travel industry.

The project was masterminded by TTG ASIA Media together with MPI International. Shanghai is a financial, business and economic hub; one of the leading Chinese cities that is often dubbed the “Asian New York”. It has about 15 millions inhabitants and, according to locals, Shanghai is not really China – it is a city of its own kind, “a city that never sleeps”. Illuminated clusters of skyscrapers of all colours spread throughout a city brimming with an energy that keeps you awake for twenty-four hours a day.

The city offers many opportunities for both business and leisure. You can visit acrobatic performances, operas or theatres; throw amazing parties in hotels and restaurants, see sights, visit the Jade Buddha Temple, walk around the Bund – a renowned parade alongside the river which has a breathtaking view of the modern skyscrapers. Stop at the café at Orient Pearl, the most famous buildings in the city (468 m high) and, of course, you can go shopping and hagging. Trips to the environs of Shanghai reveal an intriguing view of China. During the transfer from the airport to the city centre, check out the MAGLEV, the fastest train in the world at 430 km per hour.

The MICE trade fair takes place at the ShanghaiMart Expo exhibition hall located in the Western part of the city where exhibitions and trade fairs are usually held. The venue is equipped with a modern infrastructure (5-star hotels, such as the top-of-the-range hotel Sheraton Grand). The facilities stimulate business opportunities, contact opportunities, the exchange of information and experience, and the formation and boosting of business and personal relations. The welcoming reception and the lunch organized by MasterCard and the hotel, were organized by the xhibition partners: The Regent Hotel Shanghai, the Hotel Sheraton Grand Hongqiao and the Hotel Millenium Hongqiao. The gala evening was held at the Four Points, in cooperation with The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

The Chinese market is one of the most promising markets of the future, for incoming as well as for outgoing travel buisness. “The MICE travel industry is the fastest growing area of travel industry. When compared to last year, the exhibition has grown by 60 percent in terms of its size, number of visitors, buyers and exhibitors. Our marketing philosophy is: Promote China in the world and the world in China,” Darren Ng, the Managing Director at TTG Asia says.

One of the most interesting guests at the trade fair was Michael Tchong, a trends analyst and marketing guru who established the company Ubercool. According to Mr. Tchong, the 6 most important future trends, which he described using the German word UBER (I. e. SUPER), are the following: 1. Time and time management, 2. Wireless: Wi-fi, accelerations of transactions, such as internet banking, 3. More experimentation and creativity, 4. The cult of youth: constant rejuvenation sought out by consumers, 5. So-called “Voyeurgasm” – a desire to observe life. For instance, if a customer sends a package they want to know where exactly it is and what is happening to it; when they order food in a restaurant they want to see how it is prepared, 6. Digital lifestyle. Holiday resorts will have to be equipped with wi-fi – not only for business clients, but also for holidaymakers. Hotels and agencies will have to take these trends into consideration if they want to be succesful.

The potential and growth of China in the field of the MICE travel industry is immense. Our MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE magazine will be there to bring you the news and updates from this exciting part of the world. We will continue to promote and distribute our magazine at the trade fair, give information about Central and Eastern Europe, and make strategic contacts.

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